From our founding in November 1985, we started being a reliable Instrumentation & Automation service organization for various industries in the Philippines. As years have progressed, products and control systems were added based on principals from abroad requesting partnership with them, primarily from the USA, UK and Germany. Later on, more products and control systems were added, coming from our Asian counterparts such as; Singapore, Taiwan, Australia, New Zealand and China.

We have pursued delivering unique product, control system, and software solutions to our customers. The COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted global supply chains triggered by Geopolitical risks, soaring energy prices, and other effects of inflation. These created challenging conditions but I&CS has surpassed them and we see these changes as business opportunities. We plan to accelerate growth, to advance both our global development and other initiatives in our areas of business.

In 2023, we have achieved and exceeded our Vision as being the “premier, most comprehensive, and reliable source of Instrumentation, Systems, and Automation solutions in the Philippines and the Asia Pacific region.” We are now Delivering solutions not only throughout the Philippines, in Asia, but other parts of the world.

We ensure our sustainable growth by continuing to Provide quality user-friendly customer satisfaction-oriented Solutions to solve instrumentation and automation problems in buildings, industries, and in the local community while strengthening our business and corporate foundations. Victor S. Rosas President

Our Mission

  • We will dominate the Philippine Market and establish a strong presence in the international market by being a strategically focused and technology-driven company.
  • We will provide quality solutions that meet customer satisfaction.
  • We will provide an environment that cultivates the physical, intellectual, professional, social and spiritual qualities of our employees, that produces dynamic, career-oriented, and disciplined individuals.
  • We will conduct business in a manner that will ensure the long-term life of the company, upholding the corporate ethical, social and environmental responsibilities

Our Vision

We shall be the premier, most comprehensive, and reliable source of Instrumentation, Systems and Automation solutions in the Philippines and the Asia-Pacific region.

Quality Policy

WE are committed to achieve customer satisfaction through quality solutions

Environmental Policy

WE recognize our role in the protection and preservation of the environment. We believe that environmental management is part of good business practice and essential for our survival

Safety Policy

WE are committed ensure a safe and healthy working place for all employees, a safe and healthy product for customers and a safe and healthy environment for the community

Who is I&CS

I&CS is a cerƟfied integrator of major PLC, DCS, and SCADA Process Control Instrumentation and Automation vendors in the Philippines, including field-mounted controllers and panel instruments.

I&CS can configure, integrate, build, install, and commission, and maintain continuous process gas and liquid analyzer systems, using gas analyzer technologies for O2, CO2, CO, H2, SOX, NOX measurements, and liquid analyzer technologies for pH, ORP, Conductivity, ComposiƟon, Physical Property measurements.

I&CS can provide Project Management and Engineering consulting and site supervision of Instrumentation and Control installation, testing, and commissioning scope as Owner’s Representative or as the General Contractor’s discipline specialist consultant/subcontractor.

Our Organization